Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We took Jelly Belly swimming for the first time today. I know it's two, almost three months, past the 6 month okay mark, but finding rubber pants and a baby swimsuit (which are required at this pool) in the middle of winter in Logan wasn't the easiest.

Baby modeling her new swim suit

It was so much fun and she was so cute. JP and I always joked that our kids would be great swimmers, but we didn't realize how amazing. She took both of us by surprise, we're both used to screaming, frightened babies. Okay really, I'm going to give credit to her personality. She's a very calm baby, who doesn't cry a lot (unless she's hungry or tired), she's also very curious and loves new things. I'm sure it helps too that it was her parents, who are both very comfortable in the water, not some random stranger, that were with her.

Decked out in her robe, all ready to go

Note: To all parents that want to teach their children to swim; and I personally believe that all kids should have some basic swimming skills, and feel comfortable in the water as a safety precaution. Not to mention swimming is fun and a great fitness tool, swimming fast and correctly can burn 700 calories an hour. Anyways my advice is to start getting them used to the water at a young age, the further you delay it, the more frightened they are, and the more hesitant to learn. If you wait until they're 8 and need some pin or belt loop for boy scouts, it's going to be very, very difficult. Also, there is this get in with them the first couple of times, take a Parent-Toddler class, it's a very important step. The most important part of which is being calm. Your child is looking to you, and they can tell if you're being anxious and that'll worry them. And if they slip and get their face in the water, don't panic, I know it's instinct, but that'll show them that it's something to be scared of (which it's not). Okay, off my soapbox now.

Back to the baby, she was very calm. We got in with her, and she just looked around with her I'm-trying-to-figure-this-world-out look. After a while she discovered she could splash, just like in her bath. We also had fun tossing her in the air, and making her laugh. I was blowing bubbles, trying to get a smile, and she decided to imitate me and stick her face in the water. Yeah, that's right, my baby is that awesome. First time in the water she sticks her face in of her own accord! And there wasn't any crying at all! She stuck her face in several more times, all on her own. The first time she cried was when she let go off her rubber ducky and it floated out of her reach, and it was more a disgruntled yelp. Later, since we were encouraged by her sticking her face in, and how well she was dealing with it, we decided to submerge her, and she hardly fussed, just for a short time, and it was never a full on cry. I am bursting with motherly pride!

With her Daddy and Ducky

My Ducky

Baby and I!