Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Wow, it's been almost a year since I last wrote a blog post. I figure most people read everything on Facebook, but here we go with a massive update anyway.

This was my last year as an undergrad at Utah State University. And the ear both sucked and was amazing. I randomly, and maybe not terribly wisely, decided to add a second minor in my last year. Religious Studies, if you want to know, and the previous minor was Chemistry. This resulted in me cramming a lot of classes in, and I lot of classes that were very different from what I was used to. I was so happy for my 1 or 2 science classes. My sanctuary of science were I knew what to do, were there is a right and a wrong, and questions aren't rhetorical, but actually seeking answers. Though I really truly did love all the information I was learning. I picked Religious Studies because (1) it's an area I find interesting and (2) it was a blend of history, psychology, sociology and anthropology; the humanity fields that have always intrigued me.

Also this year I was in the presidency for the Women in Science and Medicine club and I loved it. We did some really great activities this year and I met some fabulous girls that I got to work with. I'm going to miss them all.

Outside of school (kind of) I continued applying to Med School. This didn't help the whole school thing, since I was busy filling out applications, flying around the country for interviews and whatnot, this didn't leave a lot of time for studying and homework.

I did take the option to play tourist a little bit though. I got to see Independence Hall and Liberty Bell. We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, and walked around the famous French Quarter. And for those who did not get the memo, the result of all this, I am going to Med School on New Orleans in the Fall.

My sister-in-law got married. Yay for her! Weddings are so fun, everyone is so happy. Gabrielle might have stolen the Bride's spotlight though. Benefits of being two and so adorable.

And of course, updates on the real thing everyone cares about, my amazing daughter. Holy crap! She grew up on me (again, even more). She is becoming less of a toddler and more o a little kid everyday. I think she is a genius. She recognizes and draws letters, she counts to 9 and I have my suspicions that she can do basic math. Of course I have no idea why a normal almost 3 year old can do, but I'm impressed. It's just so neat to watch her grow up and learn these things, it wasn't that long ago that she would stumble walking and could only say a handful of words. She talks a lot now, though not always understandable. She loves to read, and is familiar enough with some of her books that she will "read" them to herself. She loves her pink bike and is working on how to ride it. And, oh my goodness, she is such a girly-girl. She loves purple (followed by pink and yellow), and all things sparkly and frilly. She insists on wearing a skirt everyday, so she has more skirts than pants now. I've tried to give her a gender-neutral experience but either society is more pervasive than I expected or some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.

Also, I don't know how to insert pictures throughout the post when I do this from my phone, so sorry. Here I one of my little girl, true to form in something purple and sparkly, enjoying some form of music and being overall cute