Friday, July 16, 2010

My Baby's One!

My baby girl turned one today. Wow, so here is a little interview about Gabrielle (courtesy of the American Baby Magazine).

Gabrielle Larson Parrish
Cancer, and Year of the Ox :)
One word to describe her:

And a little more about her:
She is a very happy baby, she hardly ever cries excessively and without reason (that's from JP). She is a very social baby, she loves other children, especially babies close to her age (also from JP). However she's a bit rough, I've noticed that girls generally play softer than boys, but she seems to play on the rougher end of the spectrum, so she may be a tomboy (she gets that from me). She is also so curious about the world and so eager to learn about everything. She loves new sights and things, and lately she likes to point at things until I assign tell her what it is repeatedly. (I'm going to claim that last bit was from me.) So to sum up she is: an angel, happy, mild, friendly, rough, and inquisitive.

How many teeth? 
5, with a 6 almost there.

Drinks from cup? 
No! Not at all. It's been a bit hard to try to get her too. I don't think she's ready to give up the bottle yet.

Walking yet? 
Yes!!! As of this week actually. She loves cruising around with her walker, especially her new Pooh Bear walker (thanks Brooke, she has hardly let go of it). And then Tuesday she took her first successful step. And since then she's taken a handful of steps.

Talking yet? 
No. I thought she would speak sooner because she always babbles, but looks like I was wrong. She has a few syllables that she has assigned to things. For instance she gestures to herself and says Bab, very short and determined. A high pitched ba generally means trees. Bae, with drawn out vowels said softly means Pooh Bear. Once upon a time she would say Mum-um when she wanted me to hold her, but sadly that has stopped, as did the kisses.

Favorite thing in the world:
Pooh Bear. She has a stuffed Pooh Bear from the Disney Parks that she loves to pieces. She clings to him, talks to him, and he'll make her smile even when she's crying. I think that she also believes that Pooh Bear is alive from the way she interacts with him. Oh and she nows other Pooh Bears from hers, we've tried showing her Pooh Bears at stores that are similar in size and she doesn't react the same at all.

Favorite Person:
Obviously me. No she loves both her Dad and I, and gets excited to see us both. And we also both fulfill different rolls and she comes to us for different things and interacts with us differently. Outside of us she has attached to my little sister Meg. When she is crying, Meg is the one person that she'll go to be held outside of me and her father.

Favorite food: 
I think her favorite are Gerber's veggie sticks. Carrots or green beans are up there. She also likes mangos, peaches and corn.

Favorite book:
Little Hands Love, it's one of her touch-and-feel books.

Favorite song: 
I don't think she has a favorite but she loves music. She'll dance to it, she loves being sung to and she'll cuddle up to you and sing herself lullabies (so sweet), and it'll help cheer her up or calm her down.

Favorite game:

What makes her laugh?
The above mentioned chasing her, tickling her, Dad throwing her around, peek-a-boo, saying Boo and blowing in her face, other people laughing.

First reaction to new people:
She initially clings to me and doesn't like them to touch her. But generally she'll warm up quickly and start playing with them.

It drives me, Mom, crazy when:
She wiggles and screams so much when I'm changing her diaper or dressing her. It makes it so difficult to get it done.

Cutest thing she does:
Oh she does so many cute things. When she sings herself lullabies, when she puts her hand on her chest and says "Bab" and is so proud of herself, her adorable smile, her cuddles, and when she does this cute little odd wave thing when we try to teach her. Oh, and I love it when she crawls around the house looking for JP. One of her latest things is to try and put clothes on, especially when she's in a diaper. I love it.

It's late so I'll end it here. For her birthday we went to the zoo, and later went to the Aquatic Center with a Stake Party. I'll post pictures and say more about that later.