Friday, April 1, 2011

Feminist First Ward

Now a lot of you know that I am some feminist views, particularly concerning religion. However I am happy to note that there has been some change. There will now me a SLC Feminist First Ward, I will be commuting to attend that ward every Sunday, any of you may be welcome to join me. Here are the details about the ward:

(Taken in part from Feminist Mormon Housewives)

1.  Young Men and Young Women activities will function differently.  Every week, there will be two different activities, one physical and one of a homemaking or service nature.  The youth are free to attend either or both depending on their interests.

2.  All service-oriented chores – moving, shovelling snow, bringing meals, etc. – are to be shared equally between men and women both, with sign-up sheets for all circulated in both Priesthood and Relief Society meetings.
3.  Visiting and Home Teaching will be combined, with all messages to come from the same source.
4.  Enrichment meetings will be open to both men and women, and will cover a wide range of topics from Book Club to culinary arts to home/vehicle maintenance to crafts.  All adults will be given the opportunity to share their talents to enrichen our lives.
5.  Because we admire the Protestant tradition of donuts and coffee after meetings, we will host weekly pot-luck lunches after services.  These will be traditional pot-lucks, not the Mormon variety; while everyone is expected to bring a plate (unless financial or physical circumstances make it difficult) there will be no assigning of dishes. The ward will be providing herbal teas.
We know that there are a number of people who participate here who are interested in conservation and in alternative economic forms.  To that extent, we will be heavily encouraging a bartering system.  This will not be a formal part of the church; however, in conjunction with our weekly pot-luck, we will be encouraging members to bring eggs, garden produce, clothes, oddments, etc. to place on a communal “free for all” table.  We are trying to come up with a paper-free way of coordinating the exchange of services so that goods can be exchanged for services and vice-versa; any ideas are welcome.
6.  At least for a little while, the Genesis Group has agreed to come on-board as Music Supervisors.  Let’s face it, the traditional music and choirs can be a bit boring, so we’re really excited that Church leadership has agreed to let us form a traditional gospel choir!  (Can I get an AMEN!)  If you have any musical talents at all, please consider joining up. There is also some interest in forming a Hildegarde von Bingen special musical number group.
7.  The Mother’s Room – You will all be glad to know that we are going to have a proper Mother’s Room!  We’ve been trawling local DI’s looking for couches and chairs and we’ve got enough to make a really comfortable space.  While you will of course be allowed to nurse in the Chapel, our Mother’s Room will have great artwork with a feminist theme (Minercha Teichardt prints – kindly donated by Janet; and a poster of Judith and the Head of Holofernes – kindly donated by Quimby).  While the couches and chairs are comfortable, they don’t exactly match; if you’ve got good sewing or decorating skills we’d love your help pulling this room together.  We’re also looking for a microwave, if anyone’s got a spare.  (There’s one in the kitchen of the meetinghouse but we’d love to have a seperate one for the Mother’s Room.) We are looking to establish a Father’s Room with similar amenities.

As you can see this ward will be an excellent fit for me and my concerns for equality for all genders.