Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I Learned Algebra

So the House passed a bill that mandated that I have health insurance. I think I don't qualify for medicaid according to the FPL ($18,310 per year for a family of 3, FPL standards). So either I can pay $344.67 a month for health insurance (note: this doesn't include my husband who was denied coverage) which adds up to $4136.04 a year, which I hardly ever used. Or I can pay a $695 annual fee per person, times two (Baby is covered by Medicaid) so $1390 a year. Now since I doubt we'll make $73,240 a year, so we'll qualify for a subsidy to help purchase insurance (up to 400% of the FPL), but I doubt it'll be enough the close the $3000 gap (or more, depending on husbands coverage) to make it financially worth it.

Hmmm.... interesting math. I think I'll continue on in the ranks of the uninsured, be illegal, and visit the very cheap student health center if something ever does come up.