Friday, February 27, 2009

38,880 minutes

Yay! We went to Brian Regan tonight. He is an amazing, and clean, comedian. JP and I love him, we laughed so hard. We originally had to buy seats that were two rows apart, but then the theater didn't sell the seat next to JP, because the view was supposedly blocked. We decided that we didn't think the view was that bad, so we stole it, and left my seat empty, and managed to seat together. 

Oh, and just an update, some guy came buy today, and asked if he could take the trunks left over from the trees and use them since he has a wood burning stove. I told him I wasn't the landlord, and it was the city who did they chopping, but I was all for him to take it. So he said he would call the city, and he wound up taking the wood. Hallulujah, I was getting so sick of the leftover, poor sad dead tree sitting in front of the house. However the city has yet to finish it's end of cleaning up. They said that they would pulls out the stumps and replant some trees. Nope we still have ugly stumps and sawdust on our lawn. Yes, I'm grumbling and not happy with losing the trees.

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