Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 25 - What you would find in my bag

Well this really depends on the time of the year, and day of the week. Well since it's summer, I mainly carry a bag on work days. It's a bigger purse so I can carry what I need for the whole day in it, and it is nicely divided into different sections. In one side I carry the typical purse items: My cellphone, a few pens and pencils, keys, headphones, eye drops (I'm way to blind to just go without if they ever accidentally fall out during the day), a small hairbrush because I have to room to do so, chapstick, and occasionally my time card to record my work hours. Sometimes I'll even stick my wallet in there, which only contains my debit card, and a few bills. One the other side of my bag is where I carry my lunch. Usually there's a water bottle, some sort of fruit or a similar small snack, a stick of string cheese, and the main course which could be leftovers from the previous nights dinner, a salad or a sandwich.

On a none workday, if I am going to carry a bag I'll either pick the same bag and instead of a lunch I'll bring some snacks and a cup of milk for Gabrielle. If I'm not going to be gone long, or I don't have Gabrielle with me, I'll take a small purse with only my wallet and a stick of chapstick.

However, when it's not the summer, i.e. most of the year, I will have my backpack with me all the time. Of course in my backpack is everything mentioned above, purse objects, lunch, plus always a spare dollar or two, note cards, highlighters, many pencils, notebooks, textbooks, my computer, and a whole bunch of crap that gets forgotten and lost in the backpack black hole.

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