Friday, February 13, 2009

18,720 minutes

It being the day before Valentine's, and since I had a lab today I wanted to take a picture of a human heart in the cadaver lab. But apparently out of respect to the cadavers there is no pictures allowed. Understandable. However, a picture of my friend at her reception that night will have to do. This is the beautiful Alexa, caught cuddling with her fiance, now husband, while they watch their wedding video. No, her arm is not funny looking, she just always stands with her hand on her hip. So this one has to go first, 'cause this is actually my picture for the day, I actually took this one.
Obviously I didn't take this one. That is adorable little Emma Pieper. She and her sister are such cute, smiling babies. Oh and enjoy the picture of me, if I can help it, there will be as little of me as possible.The bride and the baby. I think she has Paisley Pieper, but I can't quite remember, and the picture doesn't show enough to tell. Yep their twins, and identical. And no, I didn't take this either, hence why she has Paisley, I was busy with Emma, so JP stole the camera.
JP and Emma, later after she changed out of her pretty dress. Yep, it's Emma again, somehow JP and I always end up with Emma and never Paisley, go figure. She's a little tired now. They are charming babies, and of course, JP spent most of the time playing and ogling at the babies.

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