Tuesday, February 10, 2009

14,400 minutes

Today there is lots of pictures... I think that's okay. I missed the bus today (hey, only my second time ever this semester, I'm doing pretty good). It was snowing this morning, which I was kind of happy about 'cause I'd been missing the snow, and Logan in snow just looks cool, though I wasn't happy about having to walk to school in it. But I took a lot of pictures of my walk to campus.

The corridor of snow covered trees. They look so cool, but I swear they wait until someone is right underneath them to drop snow.

Frozen creek.

Old Main. I hate that hill. Anyone who has ever walked up it will understand when I says that totally counts as my exercise for the day. You get all aspects, muscle building, cardio and aerobic, endurance and stamina, as well as balance on icy days. 

Barely visible mountains through all the snow and clouds. The second picture you can hardly see it, but there is a very big mountain, bigger than the first, that is hiding and slowly fades into the fog.

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