Monday, August 24, 2009

295,200 minutes

So today was my first day of school with Baby. I was so excited to get back to school. I love school, yes I know that makes me crazy and weird. But it works, since I want to be a professional student. I'm taking a smaller course load, and I think it's a good amount. Enough that I get out of the house enough to preserve my sanity and I get to feel like I'm doing something I love. Yes, I love Gabrielle, but I'm just not the type to do that day in and day out. And yes, in a few weeks I will be complaining about school and the time and hard work and frustrating professors, but in the midst of my complaining I always know that it's what I want.

Anyways, I was on the bus riding up to campus, and I was just so happy. You get to see some familiar faces, like the alibino girl. I don't know her name, the newspaper did an article on her and her brother, apparently albino twins are really rare, so I should know her name but I don't. She has the coolest pale white hair that goes all the way down her back. Also on the bus is all the freshman, they're easy to pick out, looking nervous, lost and asking directions from anyone who looks like they know what their doing. The A-team was out on Blue Bikes today with little flags so answer question and give directions. Their flags said they would give you candy if you asked a question. It's a good idea, poor A-team that it was raining all day, I hope they didn't get too cold. I was thinking, well I know I've been here three years but I'm sure I could think up some question to get candy. I didn't ask a question.

Baby got to come with me to O Chem today. When JP switches over the Head Guard duties next week, the scheduling is supposed to work out better, but we'll just have to deal with it for this week. Unfortunately she was fussy the whole class, so I had to stand in the back and rock her so she would be quiet. I missed about fifteen minutes while she was busy screaming, where I tried to shush her outside (not outside the building but outside the class). I don't think it mattered so much since the teacher just went over the syllabus. Yeah, he took a whole 50 minutes to go over the syllabus. I don't understand teachers going over syllabi, they handed it to us, and we're college students, we should be able to read the syllabus on our own. But apparently there is some mandate that teachers need to go over the syllabus. This is probably due to the fact that most students aren't responsible to read the thing on their own, though they should be, and then they will go whining to the teacher about how they didn't know. These students will still whine about how they didn't know, but I guess teachers feel better about saying, "Sucks to be you, it was in the syllabus and I went over it at the start of the class." So teachers read the syllabus to us on the first day of class. I just wish more teachers went over it in ten minutes, answered questions and then went on to lecturing.

After class I had to go pick up some last minute supplies at the Bookstore, I know on the first day of classes, I'm a fool. I thought I'd gotten most of them before, but new supplies kept popping up. My most exciting purchase was a lab coat (I got to pick inbetween a size 6, 16 or 49, go figure), a dissecting knife, and a scalpel.

I wanted to take a picture of Baby by the A, but it was cold and she was not happy so I decided that probably wasn't a good idea. But look what else I got from the bookstore instead!

Yes, I'm pretty sure I just violated something by putting my baby in a bag.

So that was my first day of school, I survived, and I did it on 4 hours of sleep.


Mama of 2 said...

What a cute picture of your daughter! It's nice your daughter is young, so you can take her to class. Hopefully, she will sleep (while you are in class) today. I could never be a stay at home mom. I LOVE my children, but I would kill them if I was home with them all day (well somedays I feel that way). LOL! I enjoy getting up and going to work. I just wish I only worked part-time, because full-time is too much for me and my children. If I could just drop them off at school...go to work...and get off in time to pick them up again...that would be nice! I hate having to put them in daycare before and after school! Anyhow, good luck with school this quarter/year!

bbreck said...

Oh man! You did not tell me they had those at the bookstore. Next time you go can you pick me up one or two? If not I will have to get one next time we come up. he he