Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 03 - My friends and I

This was a rather difficult task for me. See I don't really have friends. Well the ones that I do have are very few in number and live far away. I don't do a lot of socializing. And then to try and find pictures with any of my friends is even harder. (And I now, there's another post with the same challenge coming up later, I may stage photos with random people.) But nevertheless I found one! Behold!

That is my dear friend and I at her baby shower several months ago. She now has an adorable little daughter. Anyways, we met way back in high school, were we swam on the swim team together. She was my conspirator in harassing JP (love you, sweetie). We also meant a great deal of time in the pool office, or locker room or anywhere talking, always talking and sharing our deep dark secrets to each other. But then we grew up. I got married and ran away. She was one of my lovely bridesmaids at my wedding. And shortly after that, she got married and ran away, like really far away, not even on the same continent far away, so the friendship and communication dropped off a bit. But she is back, though still a long drive away.

Now look back at that picture. Do you see that awesome diaper cake and diaper wreath. Yeah, I made those. I'm pretty proud of them, I think they looked awesome. So now you have to get more pictures of my craftiness.

Pretty pink diaper cake, with adorable teddy bear topper.

See those flowers, their actually rolled up baby socks. Functional and cute. 

And a diaper wreath with the leftovers. The big center flower is actually a massive headband.
Up close of the wreath decorations.

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