Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 28 - A picture of me last year and now, how have I changed since then?

I could be lazy and say look at the post from Day 1 and Day 16. Those pictures are actually a year apart. But that would be cheating. So here's a picture from a year ago. 

And a recent picture. I had to post pictures that included Gabrielle, because how she has changed over the past year is much more interesting if you ask me. 

The obvious change is all that hair, that really long mane of hair, I chopped it all off. It used to be halfway down my back, and now it doesn't even hit my shoulders. Also, I have bangs now, which is different.

A year ago I thought I would be ten pounds lighter by now, instead I'm ten pounds heavier. Ugh, stress weight and emotional eating.

Last year I was a mother of a baby, now I am a mother of a toddler.

Today I am more sure of who I am. That has given me more confidence in myself. Today I am more content with my life. I am at ease and assured in my role as wife and mother. On the flip side now I am applying to med school, a year ago that was just a thought. This naturally fills me with anxiety and doubt, and all sorts of unsure about myself.

Last year I spent the summer at home, volunteering once a week at the Logan Hospital, and once a week at the American Heritage Center. This summer I work half of the week in a basement lab, and half of the week is at home, busy working on med school applications.

A year ago the future was a distance thought. I'd be in Logan for 2 more years, a fairly long time, almost as long as I'd already spent in Logan. Now I am constantly thinking about the future. Where I am in a year, is going to be determing by what I do this summer and fall. I only (hopefully) have one year left in Logan, and I don't know where I'll be in a year. It's terrifying. I know where I was a year ago, it's been an interesting journey. But I have no idea where I'll be in a year and who I'll be then. The past year has been long, so much has happened, and I have grown so much. Here's to hoping the next year treats me well.

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