Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 29 - In this past month, what have I learned

I'm really not sure if this is supposed to be what have I learned as pertaining to this 30 day challenge, or if this what I learned in general over the past month.

As pertaining to this challenge I learned how to scheduled post on blogger. Yep folks, that's right I completely cheated. Almost all of the post were written forever in advance and then scheduled to post on the appropriate days. See I've been working on these post since last November. Whenever I got a chance I would work on a post. Then when I'd gotten the first 15 done I decided I would  this challenge started, well starting 29 days ago, and they all auto-posted. (I think that goes to show how busy I am, that it took me over half a year to find time to write 15 posts.) During those 15 days I worked on the next couple posts. Only during the past week have the entries been written in a time frame relatively close to when they posted.

I learned that the application process to medical school is extremely tedious and enormously expensive. We've already shelled out about 1 grand, and have another grand that we need to shell out so far...I'm not even close to done applying or having costs add up. Sigh, I'm going into debt for this dream and I'm not even accepted yet.

I learned some more about cars as my van decided to break down a week ago. Yes, some of you may remember that my car broke down several months ago and left me with a fear of being stranded in Boise. Well it did it again, this time leaving me with the fear of being stranded in Salt Lake.

I learned that it is absolutely impossible to get grandparents to respect the wishes of the parents (i.e. their children/children-in-law).

I've learned that I do not want to ever be a PhD student. The end does not justify the means in that situation, not for me anyways.

I've learned that being sick sucks. Okay I already knew that, everyone already knew that. But I'm sick right now and have been for the past couple of days. So that's my prevailing thought at the moment.

I've learned that my aunt with the pseudonym of Lois is the person most likely to comment on my blog. I also have a random foreign readers over in India, and Malaysia. (Hi! नमस्ते! Halo!)

I've learned that my day to day life (especially in the summer) is incredibly boring. I can't wait for school to start again. Except I'm not taking a lot of science courses (read: not any) ... sadness. So I won't see a lot of the people I'm familiar with. Maybe I'll just hang out in the biology building anyways. I'll be the BNR lurker, trying to spot people I know, and trying to remain grounded in (true) science after spending all my class time over in the social sciences area with the philosophy and anthropology people. (Yep, I just offended all my classmates for the next semester before school even started. Go me!)

I've learned over this past month, like right now, that I have way to much fun with parenthetical statements.

I've also learned that I terribly anti-social. But not in the psychological disorder, Ted Bundy/Lord Voldemort/Casey Anthony way. Speaking of which I've learned that our justice system is flawed. And not just the legal system, but also the police enforcement and criminal investigation aspect as well. Also, not that this is new, but our political system is terribly flawed.

I've learned that I am completely addicted to junk food and that there is no hope for me. Also, I'm completely obsessed with my daughter. But I think that's normal and called being a parent.

I've learned a lot about aquatic ecosystems and animals, courtesy of Netflix streaming and my affection for documentaries. (Side note: My husband should've been a scientist, or a nurse, except that he hates school, and the coursework would kill him. And yes, I did this just because I needed to throw in one more parenthetical statement before the end.)

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Lois Lane said...

Hey, at least you know someone's reading this, right?! And funny thing--I was thinking of copying this (on my private blog), and I started pre-writing each entry, too! I figure I'll get them all written and all the pictures gathered, then schedule them all to post. :)