Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 06 - Favorite Super Hero and Why

So I'm not really sure I have a favorite super hero, I've never been big into the whole super hero thing.

When I was younger I always thought Batman was pretty cool. He didn't have any super powers he just did it on his own, with what he had. However, the movie Dark Knight seriously creeped me out. And my very well versed in super heroes husband introduced me to Iron Man who is basically the same as Batman, rich playboy with no super powers saving the world, with a slightly less creepy demeanor.

I also liked Storm and Wonder Women when I was little. Girl Power and all that, but I don't really know all the much about either of them.

I thought about putting Wolverine. He's kinda cool, got the whole rugged, loner, bad boy that's actually good guy thing going on. Plus, I really liked the show, and Hugh Jackman's pretty good looking. But I can't really categorically state that he's my favorite.

My husband and aunt would probably try to persuade me in favor of Superman. After watching all of Lois and Clark (yeah, that was my Christmas Break) I'd have to say they have a pretty good point (Lois Lane is obnoxious though).

So throughout all this rambling I still don't know who is really my favorite. I'm going to leave it to a vote, whoever gets the most comments in his/her favor will be my "favorite", persons are also welcome to leave arguments for a super hero to try and get said super hero extra points.


Lois Lane said...

Exactly how many times am I allowed to comment? :) I think you know my vote--even just from my name over there. And yes, Lois was pretty annoying in that show.

JP said...

I'll vote Batman from the list you gave me. You aren't into the bright shiny Superman type hero. Ironman is too narcissistic for you to call your favorite. Batman (despite the creepiness) is awesome.


I mean, he totally took the fall, everyone hates him, so the city could still have hope at the end of Dark Knight. Plus he is all smart and scientific. Good match.