Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 08 - Short term goals for this month and why

Goal 1: Fill out and submit all Secondary Applications received within two weeks of receiving them. Why? Because I really want to go to medical school, and I need to set a deadline for myself so ensure that I don't procrastinate.

Goal 2: Work on potty training my daughter. They start potty training at daycare at age 2, so I want to have her familiar with it at home. Also, diapers are really expensive and I'd be happy to be done with them. The last reason is because she has a terrible rash that comes and goes, but is never really gone for good. The rash tend to be drastically better on the days she spends in underwear, so I'm hoping that potty training may actually get rid of this evil rash.

Goal 3: Don't kill my family. Why is this on my goals for this month? Because I will be spending an unusually high  amount of time with family this month. Over a week in Canada with my parents and siblings (where I currently am), another day or two with family for Gabrielle's birthday, around 3 days with my extended family for the family reunion, and who knows what else may come up. So almost half of the month will be spent with family, which can be stressful. (Yes, I still love them.)

Goal 4: Work on scrapbooking. Scrapbooking gets neglected during the school year, and it was neglected even more the past little while as I was preparing to apply to med school. So I am terribly behind, even more than normal, since you are always behind with scrapbooking. Plus I really enjoy scrapbooking and looking at the results. This leads to the next goal.

Goal 5: Get better at Photoshop. I'd previously used Digital Image Pro, but the program is really old and has some glitches. It's getting worse lately, for instance, it will no longer copy things, and occasionally it will turn photos into these ugly overexposed negatives giving everyone a skeletal demonic look, and sometimes it refuses to save things. As you can see, these can create some issues.

Goal 6: Finish my summer to-do list. I have a list of several small tasks that need to get done, but they've been neglected for once again that darn med school application process.

Goal 7: Actually work out regularly. I try so hard, but then things keep getting in the way. For instance, I'll have to work late, or JP will have to work late and I'll have to watch Gabrielle, then somebody will get sick and of course that creates issues, or I'll have something other obligation at night. Often my day is so cram packed that I have no chance to do anything until around 10 at night, and by then I'm exhausted and just want to sit.

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