Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 10 - Songs I Listen to When I Am Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

When I'm happy I tend to turn on upbeat music, and generally it's country. Cowboy Casanove - Carrie Underwood, Looking for a Good Time - Lady Antebellum, some good old Journey and other classic rock is good too.

For the sad times, occasionally I'll wallow into the sad tunes, and there are more than plenty of songs that exist about not so happy themes. But usually I only indulge in them for a brief time, then I switch over to the happy songs. If I listen to happy songs long enough it'll help cheer me up. Actually any music long enough will cheer me up, so when I'm sad is when I'm the least picky. The soundtrack to Scarlet Pimpernel is always a good pick-me-up and transition from sad and wallowing to happy.

What I listen to when I'm bored is incredibly variable. Most of the times I just put iTunes on shuffle and listen to whatever pops up next.

When I'm hyped it's very similar to when I am happy. Upbeat tunes, good songs to sing along to or dance to. So I'll play the usual happy songs, and this is also when I tend to add in Lady Gaga, Shakira or Rihanna.

When I'm mad, well then the mad songs with angry lyrics or with loud beats. P!nk and Miranda Lambert are very good for these times. When I'm mad is when a lot of my rock songs get listened too, mixed together with the country, angry don't-take-no-crap-burn-his-house-down lyrics. But similar to when I'm sad I don't listen to these for incredibly long time. After a while I'll revert to shuffle and listen to whatever to help revert my mood.

If you're curious my library genres in order are: Country - 485 songs, Soundtracks & Musicals - 397 songs, Easy Listening (New Age, Josh Groban/Susan Boyle style stuff ) - 107 songs, Pop - 80 songs,  Gospel and Religious - 77 songs, Alternative & Punk - 74 songs, Holiday (restricted to December only) - 68 songs, Rock (including classic songs) - 50 songs Dance & Techno - 26 songs, R&B & Rap - 14 songs, and lastly Hip-Hop (all Black-Eyed Peas) 7 songs. So there you go, that breaks it down pretty well what I listen to.

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