Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 13 - A letter to someone who hurt me recently

Dear person(s)

I don't know how to write this or even wear to start. You don't even realize you hurt me. I was so angry and sad, and you dismissed me. You don't care what I think or feel. I will always be wrong in your eyes. I wish you would get to know me better, despite how long we've known each other you haven't taken the time and effort to really try and figure out who I am. I am not as simple to figure out as you think. There are many layers and different aspects to me; I am far more complex than you see me. Don't just take one aspect of me and think that's all there is to me. Don't try and force me into who you think I should be. I am figuring out who I am. While I am not at the end of the journey, I'm still imperfect and stumbling, but I am happy with the path I am on, and who I am becoming. Someday I hope you'll realize the level of resentment I have for you. Someday I hope you'll see my side and how you so carelessly dismissed me, my feeling, my thoughts, and my point of view. I hope you'll become a more caring and better person, someday. But right now, I am working on cutting you out of my life, reducing your hurtful influence. When I am around you, I am easily depressed, my stress level is through the roof, and I feel like I have to suppress who I am. That's why I've decided I'm better off with minimal contact with you. I'll enjoy the good moment with you, but those times will be brief and infrequent. Good-bye.



PS I hated writing this post.

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