Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 19 - Nicknames I have, and why I have them.

I really don't have many nicknames. I have an aversion to nicknames. I like my actual name Britain very much, so I prefer to be called Britain.

The most common nickname I have is Brit. I think the reason why is rather obvious. I still prefer Britain over Brit, except for select people who I'm close to.

Occasionally while working in the lab I get called Mormon. The reason there is also pretty obvious, because I am Mormon, and my boss/co-worker is not.

My husband has used a variety of nicknames: Love, Babe etc...

That's about it. There really aren't too many other nicknames, especially not that people have used recently.

Also, on an unrelated note, two years ago today I gave birth two the cutest girl.

She's only gotten cuter since.

And she is just as cute today.

Happy Birthday Gabrielle. I love you so much.

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SariahHunt said...

Wow I cannot believe it's been two years. She's beautiful, just like her mother. I can see both you and JP in her though.